Looked Over


To quote Louis CK, “everything is amazing right now and nobody is happy”.

We are completely surrounded by amazing things. Whether they were invented by people or a part of God’s creative order, the world we live in is incredible. Despite being up to our necks in what would have been considered science fiction 100 years ago, we are discontented, restless, and unsatisfied with everything that we have. Nothing is fast enough, light enough, connected enough, or portable enough to make us happy, and we spend all of our time and money to get whatever new wonder that will finally make us happy.

Maybe the answer isn’t in buying whatever white rectangle Apple is selling us these days, but in recognizing how amazing everything already is. This blog is an experiment in contentment. Everyday, I will try to notice something awesome that I usually overlook, and post a short blog entry about it. Hopefully it will make us all a little more aware of the wonders that surround us every single day and become more content, appreciative people.


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Wonderful idea! I commend you on your admirable goal of writing everyday for an entire year.

I think that the more we appreciate what we have, the more we ‘get.’

With Love and Gratitude,

The Intentional Sage

Comment by TheIntentionalSage

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