Looked Over

December 7, 2010, 12:56 pm
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Today I left my favorite hat of the past 5 years on the bus. As I watched the bus drive away and realized that my right hand which had been holding my hat was empty, I felt a little like I did as a child when my favorite toy plane’s wing came off and my dad said that it couldn’t be fixed. So it is in that spirit of child-like loss and nostalgia that I write this entry about something that we so often take for granted. Hats are easy to overlook because they spend most of their time above our eyes, but they are wonderful because they make up for what is lacking in our own hair. Even when I had long, thick, wavy hair, my head still got cold, so I used to wear this MASSIVE wool beanie to keep me warm during those harsh Chicago winters. Later, after I cut my hair to a more respectable (and boring) length, my massive hat no longer fit, so I started wearing a smaller beanie which is now probably on some stranger’s head. It’s kind of a funny idea if you think about it. At some point, someone’s head was cold and noticed that sheep seemed to be doin alright. So they cut of the sheep’s wool and put it on their own head. I love hats. Most of my life is spent with something covering my head. I’m sure that I will replace my lost hat soon enough and all will be well again, but today I am extra thankful for whoever first thought to put a sheep on their head. Thank you Mr. or Ms. Sheep-head and thank you to that sheep who was probably pretty cold for a while.


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