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November 22, 2010, 11:39 am
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I don’t know if mountains officially qualify as being “looked over” unless you are CRAZY tall in which case you must also have an enormous computer to be reading this or have awesome vision. Either way, let the records show that I am pro-giant. Please don’t eat me. So we’re talking about mountains, eh? Everyone who has looked at a mountain range has had a kind of still, reverent experience where you realize just how tiny you really are. They look overpowering and stoically silent, confident in their sheer size. In reality, they have a CRAZY history. They are either the result of MASSIVE plates under the Earth colliding and forcing tons of rock up to the sky OR the result of hundreds of years of molten lava spewing out of the ground, hardening into the form that we see today. Not quite the peaceful giants that we think of. Despite the haters out there, I’m still a huge fan of the Appalachians because those mountains are the oldest in the world, so the rocks that you see when you are walking around up there are probably about 450 million years old. Try to find rocks THAT ancient in your precious Rocky Mountains. Not gonna happen! There are just so many reasons to stand near mountains and be completely in awe of how powerful and ancient the world is, and how fleshy and transient we are. Today is now unofficial “go hug a mountain day”, so go do it!


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me being me, I went and googled “oldest mountain range in the world.” apparently it’s a subject of some debate. I even saw someone claim that they’re “mountains” now buried beneath michigan’s U.P. …go figure

Comment by David Locher

I’m completely in synch with you on this, Zack. To drive through the plains of Kansas and eastern Colorado, and see the Rockies just beginning their ascent up the horizon is to know an ancient, deep and familiar welcome. Don’t be surprised if a mountain don’t hug you back!

Comment by Kris Eden

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