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November 20, 2010, 9:00 am
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Have I seriously gone this long without making a post about bees?! I beg your forgiveness a thousand times. I don’t know how this happened. Bees are like the coolest bug out there. Any creature whose entire language consists of dance moves is pretty dang cool. It’s like bees are so suave that they didn’t even need words to talk to each other. One bee just kind of saunters up to another one and starts dancing. Pretty soon, they’ve had an entire conversation and the bee knows exactly where to find the good pollen. Somehow these dudes end up 5 miles away from their home collecting pollen and can STILL make it back to the hive! I know people that get lost MUCH closer to their own home and they have smart phones! The bees were like, “Google maps? Nah. Marvin here will just dance for a while, and I’ll get us there”. And honey? Don’t even get me started. You can take the honey from pyramids, add some water, and it’s edible again. Those honey combs? PERFECT hexagons! Why not? They’re already a super-devoted, dance-crazed species who are amazing chefs. They might as well also be the world’s best architects. If you are wondering whether or not I love bees… then you haven’t been reading this entry. Wasps and hornets can all die and burn in bug-Hell, but bees are welcome in my world any day of the week!


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