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November 19, 2010, 9:00 am
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Oh man. This one is really close to my heart. I love my bike even if is too “adult contemporary” for the likes of one Mr. John Lattanzio ::ahem::. I realized on Wednesday as I was biking over the newly finished South Street Bridge how thankful I am for my SUV of a bicycle. I feel SO much more connected to the world around me when I’m on my bike as compared to in a car. I love feeling every little bump in the road, the personalities of each neighborhood, and the random sounds that one hears on the streets of Philadelphia. I wouldn’t be able to experience any of these things if I were cloistered up inside of a car. I’ll admit that I’m not a huge fan of biking in the snow or the cold rain, but with my MASSIVE tires, it’s really no biggie. Bikes are seriously the coolest though. They are the most efficient means of self-powered transportation in existence. Wikipedia tells me that 99% of the energy that I put into the pedals is converted into forward movement. In fact, I can travel between 10-15 mph on the amount of energy that it takes to WALK!  If there were a god of walking, his name would be Mario because he just got ONE UPPED! I think that drivers are jealous of me and my absurdly efficient vehicle. That’s why they always try to hit me with their doors, cut me off, and get all up in my bike lane. Dear jealous drivers, it’s ok! You TOO can own a bicycle in 3 simple steps! Step 1: Stop trying to kill me with your cars. Step 2: Buy a bicycle. Step 3: Ride said bicycle. Repeat step 1 as necessary.


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Let’s hear it for step one!

Comment by steve jackson

tyler once told me they were the most efficient mode of transportation period…do you know if that’s true?

Comment by David Locher

I love being more eco-friendly than a Prius. Lucky I don’t have to worry about too much snow or freezing rain!

Comment by ajn

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