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Postage Stamps
September 14, 2010, 7:50 pm
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This one goes out to my dad who has been telling me this for years…

Every time the price of postage goes up, people have a hissy fit and get all reminiscent for the olden days when they could send a letter for a nickel or some craziness. Have you ever just stopped to think how crazy it is that stamps are only 42 cents? Imagine this conversation if you will…

Person 1: Hey, I wrote this letter that I want my friend that is 3,000 miles away to read. If I give you 42 cents, would you take it to him please?
Person 2: You MUST be crazy!

Of course no one in their right mind would deliver something to California for 42 cents, but that’s all it takes to send whatever you want (under a certain weight of course) in just 3 days or so. It’s hard to find any hyperbolic language that helps to accentuate how crazy that sounds because it is so crazy on its own! It kind of makes me want to put something in an envelope just to do it. So if you want to share in how awesome this is, you should send me a letter!


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you and your dad are brilliant.

Comment by David Locher

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