Looked Over

September 10, 2010, 5:57 pm
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I feel like I often overlook my glasses because, by design, I see right through them. I tend to only notice things that don’t work, so I take things like glasses for granted. The lenses within my eyes are out of focus because I’m stupid and I spent many hundreds of hours in college on my laptop and watching TV in the dark. Apparently that’s not good for you. Oops. So the doctors made theses two curved pieces of glass that do the opposite of what my eyes are doing now, and now I can see! How cool is that? I may get annoyed pretty often with them because they are always getting smudged, scratched, and falling off my face, but I would be completely lost without them. Literally. I would be lost because I cannot read street signs without them and I would end up  curled up in a ball somewhere sucking my thumb. So thank God today for these pieces of glass that sit on my face. I would hug them but that would smudge them. I’ll settle for a heartfelt “thank you, kind sir”.


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That was awesome

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