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Modern Medicine
September 7, 2010, 2:19 pm
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Sorry about that extended break. Getting my computer fixed ended up taking longer than I expected, and my girlfriend’s dad had a heart attack 2 weeks ago so we’ve been in the waiting room basically every day. It didn’t occur to me to start my blog back up, but the past 2 weeks in a hospital has really made me appreciate what people can do these days…

Essentially, he was rushed to the hospital with SEVERELY blocked arteries and his heart literally stopped beating while he was at the hospital. So the doctors sent massive electrical charges through his body that kickstarted his heart and then they sent a little metal tube through his LEG into his heart that kept his arteries open so that blood could get through. Seriously. The crazy part is how NORMAL this is. This is some serious Frankensteinian craziness here. Who was the first person to think that zapping someone with a lightning bolt was a GOOD thing? No sane person has ever said, “Oh no! My mother passed out! Thank God there’s a thunderstorm. Quick, let’s get to the roof!”. The doctors keep talking about the possibility of doing a tracheostomy too which is essentially when doctors cut a hole in your throat, put in a tube, and attach you to a machine that breathes for you. They keep assuring us that it is a simple, easy procedure, but I can’t help but feel that I am the only person who realizes how crazy that sounds. Doctors have almost reached the level of sorcerers at this point. They tell us some unintelligible mess that probably comes from Latin, wave their magical wands (and tubes) around, and somehow the person gets better. I’m amazed at basically EVERYTHING that doctors can do these days. We are only a couple hundred years removed from the days when people thought that sick people just needed to bleed for a while and they would be just fine. Really makes you wonder where we will be in a couple hundred more years…


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I’m so glad to find Looked Over back in my inbox!
I’m praying for Mike.

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