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July 15, 2010, 9:06 am
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Bats are like the dragonflies of the animal kingdom. They are kind of gross, misunderstood, mosquito killers. Bats eat 1/3 of their own body weight in bugs every single night. We’re talking about a couple hundred bugs every night that these things kill. If I met a bat with hands, I would make sure to shake it for the service that it is doing for all of us. “Thank you Mr. Bat for killing those pesky bugs. Maybe now I won’t get completely eaten next time I go outside.” What’s even better than how many bugs they eat is how they do it. They don’t use their eyes to see. Oh no, that’s too easy. The mosquitos would be EXPECTING that. Bats make high pitched sounds and then LISTEN to the world around them to see things. The night can’t get dark ENOUGH for these dudes. Not to mention, they are also the only flying mammal, which might not seem that impressive until you remember that all mammals feed milk to their young. That’s right kids, you could theoretically milk a bat. $10 to the first person who is willing to put bat milk into their cereal. Any takers? Going once? Going twice?


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I love this post the most, ’cause I, too, am crazy in love with our winged friends. They rule for all the reasons you listed and more. (My other favorite animal is the duck-billed platypus 🙂 Love the blog, keep it comin’, and hopefully my recent blogging will continue and contain equally entertaining stuff for YOUR miracle-of-human-engineering bespeckled EYES 😉

Also, I would absoLUTEly eat cereal with bat milk in it! Oh my gosh, I wonder if you can get bat milk from anywhere? Maybe for this upcoming Ethaween…


Comment by Ethan Harper

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