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July 10, 2010, 9:00 am
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Let’s be honest. Dragonflies are creepy. Are you creeped out by dragonflies? If you answered “no”, then you are probably lying to us or yourself. Even though they are creepy and all over the place, they are AWESOME. Check it out. When they are larvae, they breathe underwater and move around by shooting water out of their butt. Then they get older and crawl up a reed, sprout wings, start breathing air, and fly away. The rest of their little lives are spent eating TONS of mosquitos and mating with only one other dragonfly. These little critters are DEVOTED. They find their little dragonfly soulmate, and they make it work for the next couple of months of life. Isn’t that sweet? Also, they can’t walk. Their legs are only good for standing. If they want to move, they have to fly there. So they may be creepy, but they are eating SO many mosquitos, being devoted to their parters, and hovering around like little helicopters. How can you not love them!?


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Well, anything that eats mosquitoes, I can befriend!

Comment by Marquita

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