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MP3 Players
July 8, 2010, 9:00 am
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On June 27th, I wrote an entry about how intimidating libraries are to me because of all of the knowledge, time, and research that went into writing them all. I feel the same way about MP3 players. I know how much of a person’s soul that they put into writing an album, and how many months that they usually spend writing, recording, and producing just one album. So take that amount of a person’s soul that goes into a single song, and multiply it by 10,000. When I look at my iPod in all of its smallness, I don’t usually think about all that went into filling it. All that aside, how about the MP3 player itself? I remember carrying around my MASSIVE folder of CDs when I was in high school, and that only had 64 albums in it. Before that, the idea of carrying around your 12 inch records would have been ridiculous. Not only does my iPod have over 10,000 songs on it, but they are all organized however I want them and can be played at the push of a button. It’s crazy! At this point in 2010, having an MP3 player is just something that we take for granted, but have you ever stopped to think about how incredible they are? SO CRAZY!


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