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The Sun
July 3, 2010, 2:31 pm
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We just got out of a pretty bad heat wave here in Philly, and another one is on the horizon, so this seems like an applicable topic right now. I was just laying under a tree in a park in South Philly which was thankfully blocking most of the brightness when I got to thinking about that big ball of luminosity in the sky. It’s really not that impressive from here honestly. The lights at the Phillies stadium seem much bigger and brighter by comparison, but that burning ball up there is MASSIVE! I can hear you all asking, “How massive is it, Zack?” so I’ll tell you! Our little friend up there is SO massive that it actually makes up 99.86% of ALL of the mass of our solar system. That’s including every planet, asteroid, meteor, comet, and whatever else is floating out there. 99.86%! Not only that, but the outside of it is about 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Not hot enough for you? The core of the sun is about 27 MILLION degrees. So not only is this thing HUGE and CRAZY HOT, but it is basically just an enormous ball of gasses that are constantly experiencing millions of nuclear reactions. One of the things that these reactions make is carbon. Carbon is what we are made out of. That’s right folks, it’s not just people in movies that get to be stars, we are ALL made of stars. So next time you are sweating because that sun is “too hot” be glad that you aren’t where it’s 9,900 degrees hotter, and take a moment to thank it for all of your lovely carbon.


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i love the sun i wish there was more of that heat and light here through winter.
can’t wait until summer so i can enjoy the heat more

Comment by naturalbuzz

[…] The Sun? Billions of nuclear reactions sending untold amounts of radiation into the cosmos so that you can be nice and warm. […]

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