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Bricks and Such
July 2, 2010, 10:52 am
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I was sitting in my girlfriend’s car last night and had a moment where I looked around me and noticed that everything was made out of rock. The buildings, the sidewalks, and the street were all made of some kind of stone, but not in the way that ancient people would have done it. These were no ordinary stones, my friend. Oh no. People MADE these stones. They crafted the bricks to stack nicely to form houses. They poured LIQUID ROCK on the ground to make the sidewalks and streets. We are no longer satisfied with the kind of rocks that we can find in nature. Nah. That’s not all that exciting. We need to MAKE rocks for our city. “Hey nature. Thanks for spending millions of years making rocks for us, but I think we’re gonna go with this little brick thing that we made. It’s nothing personal. You’re a really nice nature and everything. Buuuuuut yeah…. If you could clean your desk out by tomorrow, that would be great… yeeeeeeeeeah…”


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…”clean out your desk” I like that!

Comment by steve jackson

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