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The Internet
July 1, 2010, 9:00 am
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Ok ok. I’ve been debating this one for a while. I haven’t written about the internet yet because when you are talking about incredible technologies that are often overlooked, the internet it almost TOO obvious. Right now, I can access a website that is stored in a computer in China. I can take that website and bring it to me in about a second. I can also use this crazy network of computers to share my musings with you while talking with my cousin and my girlfriend (who are in different states), checking the Phillies score (another loss while Roy Halladay is pitching? what a shame), checking the weather for tomorrow (another beautiful day), and having my ever present tabs open for Gmail and Facebook. All this is possible because there are networks of millions of computers around the world that are wired together in some way or another. It’s like an enormous, worldwide spider web only there are no spiders… so it’s like a worldwide web… which… i guess is what people call it anyway? I know that I don’t need to go into detail to remind you of how much of your life revolves around this network of computers, so I’ll end it here. Just remember that the worldwide web is really only 20 years old and it has already trapped you in its web. Give it another 20 years, and… it will have… digested you? I don’t really know where that metaphor was going, but it ended strangely.

P.S. – The image here is a map of all of the routers on the internet in 2005. Beautiful isn’t it?


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how did people survive without the internet before it was invented? how did i survive without the internet all those years ago.it seems impossible. yep i have been consumed in that big web.

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