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Taste Buds
June 29, 2010, 2:49 pm
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How often do you think about your taste buds? I’ll bet it’s usually only after you’ve either eaten something amazing or burned them on something hot, but your taste buds are very thoughtful. The taste buds that can taste sour, spicy, and other flavors that usually mean that this thing is not good for eating in nature are on the front of your tongue so that you are less likely to accidentally eat it. Meanwhile, the sweet and salty taste buds are in the back of your tongue so that by the time you get a good taste of their deliciousness, you’re already well on your way to swallowing and enjoying the tasty goodness. Your tongue is just looking out for you. It’s got your back. While we’re talking about taste buds, can we just take a second and think about how awesome they are in general? Tiny bumps in your mouth that can sense the chemical makeup of things? Huh. I almost don’t want to look them up to find out how they work because I like how magical those little guys seem. So go grab yourself a glass of something tasty and send out a toast to the little bumps that make it all possible!


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Hooray for taste buds, and hooray for Looked Over!

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