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June 28, 2010, 4:58 pm
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Frogs get a bad reputation in some circles for being all slimy and living in pond scum, but have you ever taken a minute to stop and think about these little guys? They hatch from eggs and are these little fish things. They swim around the shallows and most of em get eaten by bigger fishes, but the ones who survive grow LEGS. That’s right, a part of the growth process for frogs is just sprouting legs out of their body. Then, once those legs get a little bigger, they pull themselves out of the water and start walking around breathing air. They spend the rest of their lives in, out, and around the water. To sum up the life of a frog, they hatch from eggs, live for a couple of months as fish, SPROUT LEGS, walk on land, start breathing air, and then go on with their lives. CRAZY! How does that even HAPPEN?! Seriously folks, frogs are nuts.


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