Looked Over

June 23, 2010, 9:00 am
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I know I mentioned them briefly in my Radio entry, but I think they deserve their own entry for how crazy they are. Looking around my room, I count 25 speakers. some of them are attached to my computer, plugged into things, in my phone, my gameboys, keyboards, and my amplifier. So much of my life revolves around music, but I hardly ever stop to think about the speakers that make that music. Have you ever taken the screen off of a speaker to look at what it actually is? It’s just a piece of paper. All the speaker does is vibrate that little piece of paper in such a way that sound comes out of it. All of that beautiful, crisp, clear music is coming from a shaky piece of paper. Who THINKS of something like that?! So next time you listen to something through a speaker, take a second to think about how amazing it is to be listening to sound coming out of a shaky piece of paper.


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