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Light Bulbs
June 16, 2010, 4:12 pm
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I think that one of the most overlooked technologies in our lives is the one that is literally in our face all day long. Light bulbs. Living in the city, there is really no time of day that is truly dark. Even on a cloudy, starless night, the streetlights, headlights, skyscrapers, and lamps still light everything up like it were daytime. On top of that, it is so effortless. I can walk into my house in the pitch blackness of night and flip a single switch that will instantly light up everything around me. It’s like having the sun at my fingertips! In the early 1800’s, this would have just been wishful thinking, but here we are 200 hundred years later not even able to see the stars at night because we are in a constant state of daytime. I am sorry to have grown up without the millions of stars in the sky that the ancients saw all the time, but I think I would trade that in for the ability to BEND LIGHT TO MY WILL! So tonight when you turn the lights on, think about how many billions of people have lived and died over the years without even THINKING that this kind of craziness is possible. Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence by candlelight like a SUCKER. I’m blogging about it with 2 lamps on and a screen that is also a light. You can call me Apollo because I OWN the light.


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