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June 15, 2010, 11:21 am
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When I was a kid, my grand-pop gave me a couple of magnets that he got at a yard sale, and I think that those were some of my favorite toys in the world. I’m going to try to refrain from being all sciency and explaining the properties of magnetism (i.e. paraphrasing wikipedia), and just talk about how awesome these things are. Could you imagine being a person a couple thousand years ago who found two rocks that stuck together by some magical force? There’s no battery or life to power it, but they move as if they had a life of their own. Not only THAT, but if you spin a coil around a magnet, you can create electricity. In fact, thats basically the only way that we can make electricity except for solar cells. A nuclear power plant is actually able to split an atom and release unimaginable amounts of energy, but the best that we can do with it is to use that energy to heat up water so that the steam turns a coil around a magnet to make electricity. It all comes back to magnets and their crazy, mysterious forces. So go find a couple of magnets, entertain yourself for a couple of hours today, and think of me.


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Haha. I remember we had magnets to play with in the first grade. They were so much fun! Awesomeness.

Comment by Marquita

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