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Minoan Bull-Jumping
June 12, 2010, 8:00 am
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Modern sports are ok I guess, but there have been few sports as ridiculous as Minoan Bull-Jumping. The Minoans were an absurdly advanced civilization that lived on the island of Crete between the 27th and 15th centuries BC. They had hot and cold running water, 3-story buildings, and sophisticated ships while the Greeks were living in caves. Had they not been destroyed by the MASSIVE eruption of Santorini and the subsequent tidal wave, then we probably wouldn’t be talking about the Greeks today, and I would have majored in ancient Minoan.

Anyway, the Minoans had a sport in which they provoked a bull to charge them and just when it lowered its horns to impale the athlete, they would grab the horns and flip over their back. Modern bull-fighters are dealing with bulls that are already weakened AND they have weapons. These dudes just flipped over healthy bulls like ninjas. I don’t care how bad-ass someone thinks they are, unless they have done a somersault over an angry bull, I am unimpressed. How do you even practice this sport? If you make one mistake, you are basically dead. I’m proposing that we add Bull-Jumping to the X-Games because next to this, skateboarding kind of loses some of its “extremeness”.


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