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Tennis Balls
June 10, 2010, 11:10 am
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Baseball has been my favorite sport to play, watch, and obsess over for my entire life, but I have to hand it to the tennis ball. There is no better ball in the world to play with. It is light (and soft) enough to not cause injury but heavy enough to throw. It also bounces and has that lovely furry shell around it to make it easy to grip. Not to mention that bright green color. Is there any more welcoming color than that crazy green tennis ball color? I see that and it just makes me want to go play a game whose rules no one can quite agree on. On that note, are there any other objects in the world that have more games centered around them then the tennis ball? I think I must have played a dozen different variations of “wall ball” when I was in school. If you don’t have a tennis ball in your house somewhere, I would recommend running out to the store and grabbing a few. It’s like a fuzzy, green party maker!

On a side note, when someone is bouncing a tennis ball near you, are you also filled with the irresistible urge to grab it? Humanity may be divided on politics, religion, culture, and worldview, but I think that we as a species can rally around the fact that when someone is bouncing a tennis ball, we REALLY want to grab it. To quote Deep Blue Something, “Well, that’s the one thing we got”


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