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June 4, 2010, 7:00 am
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Yesterday while I was walking to the trolley (see last post), I absent-mindedly grabbed a leaf off of a tree and started tearing it up. Then it hit me. I read an article a few weeks ago about this new breakthrough in solar panel technology that got me really excited. We are finally getting close to being able to have effective, affordable solar panels as a realistic alternative to being plugged into the power grid. If trees could talk, I think they would probably laugh at me for being that excited. They’ve been doing it for millions of years! Every year, plants grow these green leaves on their branches that are able to harness the power of the sun to convert water and CO2 into sugar and oxygen. They grow these leaves so casually too. They just hang there as if they are saying, “Oh these old things?”, and if the wind (or a mindless passerby like myself) were to rip some leaves off, they just grow them back. Then, when the weather gets colder, they just get rid of their leaves like they are trash instead of the most incredible little solar panels. Not only THAT, but when they fall off the tree, they decompose and make amazing soil for other plants to grow in to create MORE leaves that will convert CO2 and water into sugar and oxygen before falling off to fertilize the soil and make MORE plants that keep the cycle going. While we are trying our hardest to create systems that are sustainable and efficient, plants can’t even HELP it. Leaves are seriously some incredible little things.


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